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The following links are specifically here because they are about bands, artists, organizations, venues which pleased me and/or which were mentioned elsewhere on this homepage. By using the link you enter external websites. I have no influence on the content or design of other sites. If you see any illegal or improper contents on linked sites, I would be grateful for your message.

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  • LAGERHALLE Osnabrück
    Each Monday the blues session takes place here.

  • Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen.
    Great blues club, blues concerts each week.

  • Downtown-Bluesclub in Hamburg
    In the pleasant Downtown-Bluesclub in Hamburg everybody appears who is good and touring through Germany in the case of blues.

  • Roadhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück
    Blues concerts and jam sessions.

  • Farmhouse Jazzclub e. V. in Harsewinkel
    Every 14 days jazz concerts, ever more frequently also blues.

  • Jazz Club Dissen-Bad Rothenfelde e. V.
    Organiser of the Dissen Jazz Festival and regular jazz concerts on high level.

  • Hot Jazz Club in Münster
    The jazz club at the harbour area of Münster.

  • NiX BBBlues Club in Enschede
    Recommended by session guest guitar-player and translator of this site: Nick.

  • Heimathaus Twist
    Located directly at the border to Holland, famous for it's blues nights with excellent artists.

  • Wegweiser Jazz des Jazz-Instituts Darmstadt
    An alphabetic city index for Germany and Austria with information, addresses and links to all jazz clubs, initiatives, workshops, record stores with jazz selection, city magazines, the culture department and other interesting links of the particular city.

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  • bluesnews Magazin
    Information, musicians, dates, clubs, sessions and what else one should know.

  • Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
    Information and links to many jazz-related themes, musicians and addresses in Germany and Austria.

  • Jazzzeitung
    Current messages, information, reviews and an extensive link collection to jazz topics.

  • Musikarchiv Online
    Music search engine and extensive web catalogue for music themes, downloads, small advertisements, piano pages etc.

  • Top 50 Blues
    Visit the German Top 50 Blues websites.

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